Which of These 5 Leadership Styles Are You?

I speak a lot on the Art of Caring Leadership, but not everyone’s leadership style is the same. Although kindness and empathy should be at the forefront of whichever leadership style suits you best, each role you have throughout your career may look a little different and require you to switch up your approach. Some … Read more

Can Active Listening Be Taught?

I get asked often, “Can active listening be taught?” I wouldn’t do the work that I do if I didn’t think active listening was a skill that could not only be taught, but improved tremendously as we grow throughout both our career and our everyday life. At first, you have to have an awareness that … Read more

5 Effective Ways to Demonstrate Compassionate Leadership

During many of my speaking engagements, I ask the audience if they can think of a leader in their past who always expressed kindness and compassion throughout their career. Would it surprise you that it takes a little while for those hands to go up? But when I ask the opposite question, if there has … Read more

How Active Listening Can Reduce Miscommunication at Work

How Active Listening Can Reduce Miscommunication at Work

Active listening is and will always be the key factor in improving most workplace conflicts between leadership and their teams. Without active listening, miscommunication increases, and from that result comes a decline in productivity and delegation. Eventually, these conflicts and miscommunications can lead to your people suffering from workplace burnout. Although burnout is common and … Read more

117: Leaders with Heart Live by the Golden Rule

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast: In this episode, Heather Younger speaks to Scott Shay, Chairman of Signature Bank of New York about his leadership style, his mentors on leadership and a very unlikely journey to where he is today. He also shares his organization’s communication strategy in the midst of the Corona Virus, … Read more

98: Leaders With Heart Create Psychological Safety For All

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast: In this episode, Heather speaks with Cheryl Fullerton, EVP of People and Communications at Corus Entertainment, Toronto’s largest media company. She shares about her leadership style, her super interesting focus on psychological safety for all and her unabashed belief in innovation. Key takeaways: See your role as a … Read more

28: Leaders with Heart Know That It Takes a Village to Lead Well

Today on the podcast we have Colorado Banking Commissioner, Patty Salazar. I had an opportunity to speak at an event where she was also a speaker. We were sitting at the table and she was telling me about all the different things she was doing as a leader, and some of the challenges she may … Read more

27: Leaders with Heart Lead with Purpose

Today on the podcast we have Chief Ray Aguirre of the California State University-Fullerton campus about his leadership journey, what drives him to lead and very practical, yet impactful ways, he connects with his team and builds trust. Key takeaways: Leaving a legacy doesn’t mean that we are forcing the fact that we are known … Read more

25: Leaders with Heart Understand That Attitude Reflects Leadership

Today on the podcast we have Keith Freier, COO at Pacific Northwest Laboratories about what drives him as a leader, his biggest area of improvement and key nuggets all leaders should know and utilize to increase their effectiveness. Keith shares a story from the movie, Remember the Titans, where Denzel Washington, the main actor in … Read more

22: Leaders with Heart Deal with Their Imperfections and Make Them Better

Today on the podcast we have Tammy Taylor, COO at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. In this episode, she shares about her leadership journey, her style, and a little about how she was not always the best leader she could be. Like many leaders, Tammy shares how, at one point, she let her ego get the … Read more


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