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5 Strategies for Leaders to Increase Employee Engagement

increase employee engagement

Employee engagement has been trending as a hot topic in 2022 as it’s come to a height with the Great Resignation. Leaders all over have struggled with the multitude of transitions between the virtual, hybrid, or just plain staying in the office world. No matter which of these roles you can relate to, one thing … Read more

227: Leaders with Heart are Open to Listening

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast: In this episode, Heather chats directly with her listeners about what’s going on in the US and shares a powerful message about listening that could benefit everyone right now. Plus, she shares updates on her upcoming book, The Art of Active Listening, which will be published very soon! … Read more

226: Leaders with Heart Trust their Intuition

hansel lyn the coder school

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast: In this episode, Heather sits down with Hansel Lynn, the Founder, and CEO of theCoderSchool, a coding school for kids that focuses on a mentor relationship with experienced coders, Code Coaches, who can guide their students through their technical journey. He’s fluent in Cantonese (can fake it with Mandarin), is … Read more

225: Leaders with Heart Feel Good About The Work They Do

steve hansen

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast: In this episode, Heather chats with Steve Hansen, CEO of Presbyterian Medical Services, a Health Center Program that believes that the best way to improve community health and wellbeing is for everyone to work together. That’s why they work collaboratively with community groups, school districts, local providers, hospitals, … Read more

How to Practice Self-Care When Life is Chaotic

self-care heather r younger

I have a new book coming! I just handed in the first draft of my new upcoming book, The Art of Active Listening. Most would think I am out of my mind to not only be writing another book but to take a long vacation just days before the first draft was due…but that’s exactly … Read more

224: Leaders with Heart Are Honest

steve baines

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast: In this episode, Heather sits down with Steve Baines, Vice President of Apps Associates—an enterprise application services leader with a customer-first focus. With 20 years of experience leading strategic and operational technology endeavors, he most recently served as President and Chief Growth Officer of Forcivity before it was … Read more

How You Make People Feel When You Lean In

how to make people feel at work

If you’ve read a book with illustrations, oftentimes the drawings visually play out the storyline in place of reading the text. Similarly, our facial expressions can ‘say’ a lot about how we feel and what we think before we even have the opportunity to use our words. Our facial expressions impact our conversations positively or … Read more

223: Leaders with Heart Choose How to React

chief almeria podcast military

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast: In this episode, Heather chats with Chief Master Sergeant Christopher J. Almeria. He is currently assigned as the Senior Enlisted Leader, 20th Maintenance Group, 20th Fighter Wing, Shaw AFB, SC. In this role, he is charged with leading, developing, and managing the nearly 2,000 personnel who make up … Read more

222: Leaders with Heart Are Open to New Perspectives

leaders with heart

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast: In this episode, Heather sits down with Brent Kondritz, the Executive Director at the University of Dayton Center for Leadership, a unique and powerful resource created by the region’s most successful organizations. Together, they partner with top thought leaders to provide innovative, world-class education to senior executives, emerging … Read more


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The Cycle of Listening

The Cycle of Listening

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