How To Be A Better Leader

The 9 Behaviors of Caring Leadership

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast! I can think of less than three leaders whom I think of as caring leaders.  One, I remember him, and he is one of the best leaders I have ever met.   Let’s call him Ed. He has this curious way about him and this very funny sense of humor.   He was very … Read more

An Inspiring Personal Story About Achieving Your Dreams

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast! I was about eight years old when I remember seeing Reverend Jesse Jackson speaking on television to thousands of people. I did not know anything about this man, I don’t love him very much today.But I remember how in awe they were of him. They were all very … Read more

Is Culture Collision Costing You Customer Loyalty?

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast! Meeting customer needs is vital for business success in the competitive landscape. However, when companies fail to align with customer values and expectations, it can result in a phenomenon I like to call “Culture Collision.” Culture Collision occurs when there’s a significant disconnect between leadership and customers, leading … Read more

Is Culture Clash Making Your Employees Unhappy?

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast! In the dynamic world of business, unexpected upheavals like mergers, strikes, or layoffs can send shockwaves through an organization, leaving leadership and employees feeling disoriented and customers caught in the crossfire. This phenomenon is what we call “Culture Clash.” Culture Clash occurs when the very fabric of an … Read more

Is Culture Slip Unknowingly Infiltrating Your Company Culture?

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast! Many years ago, I was working with a company who were recognized as a Top Workplace. They were low on the list, but they were getting a lot of things right and taking the right approaches. However, they still noticed that their engagement was lower than they had … Read more

How Organizational Culture Deteriorates And What To Do About It

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast! Some hold the belief that organizational culture remains static, either being inherently good or bad within companies and associations. However, what if this perspective is flawed? What if organizational culture operates on a sliding scale, presenting the possibility that what seems like a “good” culture may be quietly … Read more

Why Focusing on Work-Life Integration and Not Balance is Key to Success

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast! In the pursuit of professional success, the concept of work-life integration emerges as a game-changer, surpassing the traditional notion of balance. Caring Leaders understand that success is not about compartmentalizing work and personal life, but seamlessly blending them. This approach emphasizes aligning internal focus, prioritizing self-leadership, and integrating … Read more

Navigate and Embrace Change With Success as a Team

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast! I’m excited to dive into a topic that’s absolutely pivotal for every team’s success: navigating and embracing change as a cohesive unit, all under the umbrella of caring leadership. I’ve crafted a straightforward 3-step change model that lays the foundation for a successful journey. Let’s break it down … Read more

The People Side of Organizational Change

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast! Hundreds of years ago, there was a group of monks in Thailand, and the monks had this huge statue of a Golden Buddha. When they heard that there was a group of soldiers coming, they tried their best to make sure this valuable Buddha was spared. To do … Read more

Human-Centric Approaches in Government and in Tech

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast! I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Tracy Barnes, the Chief Information Officer at the State of Indiana, and I must say, our conversation was nothing short of enlightening. In this episode of the “Leadership with Heart Podcast,” Tracy and I explored the dynamic intersection of … Read more


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The Cycle of Active Listening

Create a listening culture that elevates the workplace experience for everyone.

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