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264: Embracing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Hospice Care – A Conversation with Heidi L. Barham

heidi l barham

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast: Subscribe on Apple Podcasts   Listen on Spotify   Listen on Audible a Heidi L. Barham, M.Div, CT, CDP® is the Manager of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Hospice of the Western where she previously served as a Spiritual Care Coordinator for 13 years. In addition to her position with … Read more

263: From Banking to Senior Housing Investments: Tim Sanders on Leading with Heart in Finance

Tim Sanders

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast: a Tim Sanders has been employed at Ventas Inc. since 2015 as a Senior Investment Officer. Tim is responsible for originating senior housing investments throughout the United States and Canada. He also works on ground-up development of office and lab space in conjunction with Ventas’ development partner, Wexford … Read more

Maximizing Productivity: Tips and Techniques for Boosting Efficiency and Achieving Goals

When you think of the word “productivity,” what comes to mind? Do you see yourself being more productive, or do you see it as something that only some people can achieve? For many people, productivity is not a skill that they have mastered. They can never get anything done and always feel like they are … Read more

262: Moving Up the Career Ladder – Navigating the Transition from Technical Employee to Managerial Role

laurent pierre jr

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast: a As the Vice President of Customer Service Excellence (SVE) for the Tax & Accounting North America division at Wolters Kluwer, Laurent leads system, process and talent optimization strategy through multi-disciplinary teams that accelerate business performance, customer experience and financial results. He also drives customer experience and software … Read more

261: Helping Others to Speak Up and Stand Out – Empowering Yourself to Get the Recognition You Deserve

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast: a Lorenzo Flores is a twenty-year veteran in retail leadership. He has rejuvenated, inspired, and rebuilt over a dozen teams throughout his career. With a passion for music, MMA, and podcasting, he understands the importance of connecting personal vision to the workplace. He focuses a lot on helping … Read more

The Power of Empathy in Leadership: Building Stronger Connections with your Team

Empathy is a powerful tool for building stronger connections with your team. As a leader, when you show empathy, you demonstrate that you care about your team members and understand their perspectives. This helps to create a positive work environment where people feel valued and supported, leading to increased productivity and job satisfaction. Empathetic leaders … Read more

260: What ‘One Love’ Means for Raising Canes Employees and Company

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast: Sonya Crockett is a Crew Relations Regional Leader at Raising Cane’s, a quality chicken finger franchise with over 530 locations. In this episode, she returns for her second appearance on the Leadership with Heart podcast to discuss her new position and what it means to Lead by Heart … Read more

Owning a Pet Franchise – Pet Evolution Co-Founder Shares All

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast: Rian Thiele, Co-Founder of Pet Evolution, has had a passion for dogs since childhood. Having watched his dogs suffer through itchy paws, chronic ear infections, and undiagnosed food allergies, he knew there had to be another way. He and his longtime friend, Mike Osborn worked for years to … Read more

Using Active Listening to Avoid Miscommunication in the Workplace

Active listening is a great way to reduce miscommunication at work, and it’s not hard to learn. I remember in the past noticing a team member was sitting around me, seeming anxious or not themselves. I decided to invite her to my office and close the door, I just asked “what could be going on, … Read more

Impact of DEI on ESG

Need help with your D.E.I initiatives as it relates to your Environmental Social Governance?  In a world where companies are increasingly faced with the need to consider both environmental and social factors, it’s important to understand how DEI can affect ESG. D.E.I initiatives can be difficult to navigate, especially when it comes to your environmental … Read more


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