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290: How to Achieve Your BIG Goals

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast! Kathryn Bleeker is the Director of Marketing for Ziggi’s Coffee. With over a decade of experience working with a variety of B2C and nonprofit teams in-house, with an agency and as a freelancer, she has built expertise as a strategic marketing and communications leader within the industry. Kathryn … Read more

What Will Your Leadership Legacy Be? 

At some of my keynote presentations on Caring Leadership, I ask the audience if they remember the person who made them feel small and inconsequential to what was happening at work. They slowly raise their hands. Then I ask the opposite. “How many of you remember the person who made you feel like you could … Read more

289: Provide Space for Input

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast! Heather speaks directly to her listeners about a crucial aspect of leadership: providing space for people to give their input. This is not just about listening but creating an environment where voices are encouraged, valued, and heard. In our fast-paced world, leaders often find themselves in positions of … Read more

288: Understanding What Your Employees & Customers Need

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast! In this episode, Heather sits down to chat about what Employee Fanatix, her consulting firm, is and what they do. She speaks specifically about one of her biggest clients, a regional bank called First Bank. She walks you through the process that they went through and shares tips … Read more

287: Check Your Pulse Before You Check Someone Else’s

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast! Welcome back to the Leadership with Heart Podcast! Heather sits down to chat with Mike Chanat as her guest. With over 35 years in emergency services, Mike’s expertise ranges from the NYPD to working with numerous police and fire departments through volunteer and paid work. They dive into … Read more

286: Innovation Starts with the Willingness to Listen

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast! Heather introduces the Certified Art of Active Listening Facilitator Program. In this episode, she shares why this can truly transform the way people connect and communicate at work. How it has the power to help ANYONE transform organizations from the inside out! She has worked with countless organizations … Read more

Leadership 101: How to Communicate Goals Instead of Dictating Approaches

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast! Welcome back to “Leadership with Heart,” the podcast that delves into effective and caring leadership strategies with Heather Younger. In this episode, Heather chats with Megan Gluth-Bohan, the owner and CEO of TRInternational, a prominent US-based chemical distributor, as well as the Owner of Chemblend of America, a … Read more

284: The Role of HR in Psychological Safety

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast! Today’s episode focuses on the role of HR in fostering psychological safety. I’m your host, Heather, author of The Art of Caring Leadership and The Art of Active Listening, and today, we’re joined by Sherry Martin, an HR Business Partner and true advocate for building thriving workplaces. Join … Read more

283: How to Establish Trust with Customers in 2023

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast! How do you establish trust with customers at a time when people feel like they are constantly marketed to? My guest today, Paige Velasquez Budde, is Partner and CEO at Zilker Media, an Austin-based agency building people-driven brands. Their strategy is to focus on the people within the … Read more

Mastering the Art of Attention: Overcoming Distractions

When thinking about mastering the art of attention and finding the ability to overcome distractions, what is the first thing that comes to mind? How do you go about overcoming the challenges that distractions may bring you? What impact does the way we communicate with or without distractions have on the people around us? When … Read more


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