Unlock the Power of Caring Leadership

Training and workshops that inspire a lasting mindset and newfound ability to build a culture of listening & caring leadership.

Heather R Younger |   Founder & CEO Employee Fanatix, Tedx Speaker, Best Selling Author

Unlock the Power of Caring Leadership

Training and workshops that inspire a lasting mindset and newfound ability to build a culture of listening & caring leadership.

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Creating a Culture of ListeningTM is Heather's Specialty

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CEO of Employee Fanatix

A leading workplace culture and employee engagement consulting & training firm.

A highly sought-after keynote speaker

Bringing the best insights from over 25,000 employee stories to the stage.

A diversity, equity, & inclusion strategist

An expert in creating safe spaces for these vital conversations.

A contributor to leading news outlets

A trusted expert for stories on culture, workplace engagement, and employee retention.


Listening Skills

This half or full-day interactive experience with in-built coaching equips leaders with a newfound ability to unlock previously unseen or unheard organizational insights critical to their and organizational success.

Leaders & teams will experience an instantly applicable shift in their ability to:

  • Support their teams to become more engaged, motivated, and productive
  • Serve as sounding boards for employee opinions and concerns
  • Promote positive interactions at work that foster relationship and build trust

After the workshop, attendees will be able to support and lead organizational initiatives to increase employee engagement, build customer loyalty, and, ultimately, drive long-term business results.


  • DISC Assessment


The Art of Caring Leadership

Through this half-day workshop, leaders uncover how they can better focus their energies to engage and retain those they lead, and support employees to reach organizational goals.

Leaders & teams will develop a strategic plan of action to:

  • Cultivate new behaviors in those they lead that facilitate forward progress
  • Inspire and engage team members to contribute fully
  • Create a culture of caring at work

As a result, leaders will uncover a newfound ability to put their people first more often for increased productivity, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement.


  • Caring Leadership Self-Assessment
  • Emotional and Social Intelligence (ESI) Assessment
  • The Art of Caring Leadership Workbook


Build a Culture of Belonging

This half-day workshop helps your employees better understand their role in closing the DEI gap. Heather will equip leaders and teams with tools to facilitate communication, shared learning, and build more connected and productive teams.

Attendees will experience an instantly applicable shift in their ability to:

  • Understand other peoples’ challenges and perspectives
  • Build stronger relationships and teams
  • Create a more inclusive culture at work

As a result, leaders will feel empowered to incorporate inclusion into their everyday work, and advance a culture of belonging where every employee can contribute fully.


  • Caring Leadership Self-Assessment
  • Emotional and Social Intelligence (ESI) Assessment


Reimagine a Better Workplace

Through this highly interactive half-day workshop, Heather helps leaders and teams co-create innovative ideas for building a better workplace, using visualization exercises to reframe challenges and re-imagine what might be possible.

Leaders & teams will learn how to:

  • Visualize success, and be more attuned to opportunities that will get them where they want to go
  • Reduce stress by reframing challenges and anticipating positive outcomes
  • Maintain an optimistic attitude at work

As a result, attendees will feel motivated to contribute ideas that fuel a better workplace and drive business success.


  • Reimagine a Better Workplace Workbook
  • The 3 Rs of Resilience Tip Sheet

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Lead with Positive Power

Learn the impact that Leading with Positive Power can have on Employee Experience.

Those who lead with positive power are intentional about uplifting those around them and leaving a positive stamp on the hearts and minds of those they lead.

In this course, you will learn you what you can do, right now, to avoid being the manager who will forever be remembered as the 'worst boss ever.' In other words, how can you use your positive power to ensure you are who they remember with fondness?


"An engaging & Inspiring read."

STEPHEN M.R. COVEY | NYT & #1 WSJ Bestselling Author

  • Based on interviews with over eighty leaders, including:
  • Howard Behar, former President of the Starbucks Coffee Company
  • Judith Scimone, Senior Vice President and Chief Talent Officer at MetLife
  • Garry Ridge, CEO and Chairman of the Board of the WD-40 Company
  • Shawnté Cox Holland, Head of Culture and Engagement at Vanguard
  • Outlines nine ways that leaders can make all employees feel included and cared for.
  • Includes access to a self-assessment so you can measure your progress as a caring leader.
The Art of Caring Leadership

Leadership With Heart With Heather R Younger

“Heather’s courage and vulnerability to share her authentic self are truly inspiring. She shares the most cutting-edge leadership strategies on topics like emotional intelligence and employee experience. If you’re looking to sharpen your leadership skills, this podcast is for you.”

Cycle of Active Listening Guide

The Cycle of Active Listening

Create a listening culture that elevates the workplace experience for everyone.

Through this self-led assessment, you will uncover how to ensure those in your care at work feel heard and valued, resulting in increased loyalty and satisfaction.

  • Understand why listening is the key to improved engagement
  • Learn how the Cycle of Active Listening contributes to strong workplace relationships
  • Get a practical framework for creating a listening culture that is bidirectional, responsive, and supportive
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