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Create a Culture of ListeningTM

Your employees, coworkers, and customers will tell you exactly what they need to achieve the results you want.

Heather R Younger |   Founder & CEO Employee Fanatix, Tedx Speaker, Best Selling Author

Create a Culture of ListeningTM

Your people will tell you exactly what they need to achieve the results you want.

As Seen In:

Whatever Vision you have for your organization...


We want to lead our market.


We want to drive a completely new level
of engagement.


We want a strong culture of diversity
and inclusion.


We want to develop our leaders, so they can help us move to the next level.


We want to be one of the best places to work in the country.

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It all starts with Listening.

  • attractive

    Your people will tell you what they need to be fully engaged.

  • social-care

    They will tell you the top actions they want you to take to support them.

  • teamwork

    They will tell you what makes them feel seen, valued, and heard in your organization.

You Just Have to Listen.

When you Listen and respond...

Everyone will feel HEARD.

They will know they are a part of a culture that VALUES people.

When you feel a part of something you’re helping create, you bring more CREATIVITY, ENGAGEMENT, and INNOVATION.

As a result, you will see trust and collaboration, and new ideas leading to new growth.

You will create one of the top workplaces to work in the world.

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It all starts with Listening.

Heather is a Workplace Culture Expert

She's the...

CEO of Employee Fanatix

A leading workplace culture and employee engagement consulting & training firm.

A highly sought-after keynote speaker

Bringing the best insights from over 25,000 employee stories to the stage.

A diversity, equity, & inclusion strategist

An expert in creating safe spaces for these vital conversations.

A contributor to leading news outlets

A trusted expert for stories on culture, workplace engagement, and employee retention.

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How Can Heather Help You Create A Culture Of ListeningTM?

Book a transformational keynote.

Instantly applicable insights about:

  • How to Create a Culture of Listening
  • The Art of Caring Leadership
  • Reimagining a New and Better Workplace
  • How to Build a Culture of Belonging

Build a new level of trust and engagement at work.

Consulting that leads to:

  • Inclusive cultures
  • Improved morale
  • Resilient organizations

Develop caring leaders who inspire loyalty and retention.

Workshops that inspire & activate leaders and teams to:

  • Develop listening skills
  • Engage those you lead
  • Build a culture of belonging

e-Learning courses that build trust, inspire loyalty, and uplift your team.

A self-assessment, inclusive community, and academy to:

  • 10x your leadership impact
  • Motivate and engage your employees at work
  • Increase employee retention and satisfaction
Culture of Listening TM

How Do You Create a Workplace Where Employees Feel Heard, Seen, and Valued?

Step 1 - Recognize the Unsaid

Step 1

Step 1

Recognize the Unsaid

Pick up on important signals.

Notice where words and actions don’t match up, and show an openness to hear the hard things. Prepare to create safe spaces in which to listen.

Step 2 - Seek to Understand

Step 2

Step 2

Seek to Understand

Capture insights & emotions.

Gain deep, valuable insights about what team members and customers actually want and need.

Step 3 - Decode

Step 3

Step 3


See a complete picture.

Decipher what’s most important to team members and customers. Identify which changes are most likely to have the greatest impact.

Step 4 - Act

Step 4

Step 4


Capture hearts and minds at every level.

Leveraging insights from prior steps, create an inclusive and collaborative action plan for culture change and transformation.

Close the Loop

Step 5

Step 5

Close the Loop


Connect the dots...

by sharing what you’ve heard and the actions you’re taking. People that feel valued, heard, and included will respond with more loyalty.

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"An engaging & Inspiring read."

STEPHEN M.R. COVEY | NYT & #1 WSJ Bestselling Author

  • Based on interviews with over eighty leaders, including:
  • Howard Behar, former President of the Starbucks Coffee Company
  • Judith Scimone, Senior Vice President and Chief Talent Officer at MetLife
  • Garry Ridge, CEO and Chairman of the Board of the WD-40 Company
  • Shawnté Cox Holland, Head of Culture and Engagement at Vanguard
  • Outlines nine ways that leaders can make all employees feel included and cared for.
  • Includes access to a self-assessment so you can measure your progress as a caring leader.
The Art of Caring Leadership

Leadership With Heart With Heather R Younger

“Heather’s courage and vulnerability to share her authentic self are truly inspiring. She shares the most cutting-edge leadership strategies on topics like emotional intelligence and employee experience. If you’re looking to sharpen your leadership skills, this podcast is for you.”


The Cycle of Active Listening

Create a listening culture that elevates the workplace experience for everyone.

Through this guide, uncover how to ensure those in your care at work feel heard and valued, resulting in increased loyalty and satisfaction.

  • Understand why listening is the key to improved engagement
  • Learn how the Cycle of Active Listening contributes to strong workplace relationships
  • Get a practical framework for creating a listening culture that is bidirectional, responsive, and supportive
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