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Authenticity, but Only if You’re Kind

Authenticity: Yay or Nay? Do you ever encourage authenticity in the workplace but wonder if maybe it’s too much? By this, I mean, have you encountered people in your lives who are authentically just not the best? Another term for the people I’m thinking of is “jerks”. How do you reconcile authentic behavior at work with people who are authentically inconsiderate, unkind, and perhaps obnoxious too? Merriam Webster defines authentic as “true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character.” In this day and age, we are constantly calling for authenticity. Telling people to speak their truth, erecting safe spaces everywhere
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3 Essential Steps to Create a Workplace of Belonging

A Poll Have you ever felt like you don’t belong somewhere? Have you experienced a panic-inducing bout of imposter syndrome? Been the black sheep of the group? Or even been verbally or physically excluded from a place or situation? Had no sense of belonging? I’d bet my bottom dollar the answer to at least one of those questions was yes for everyone reading this. It’s a yes for me too. I was an outsider for most of my life. I grew up the literal black sheep of my family (you can read more about that here), and it took a long
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How to Inspire Spontaneous Caring Leadership

A Hard Hit & a Quick Save Last week I was at my son’s soccer game when I witnessed a beautiful example of spontaneous Caring Leadership. One of the kids playing was hit in the chest with the ball; you know, the kind of hit that knocks the wind right out of you. It was a hard impact, and immediately the coach started to run over to check on the boy. But, before the coach even got there, the referee had stopped the game. He was already doing breathing exercises, helping the boy regain his breath. By the time the
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Support Your Team by Not Micromanaging

A Honeymoon Tale Before I share the main subject of this blog post, I want to tell you all a story about my honeymoon. My husband and I went out to a lovely restaurant one evening, and I will forever remember that experience because of the service we received. The waiters were attentive and kind and totally non-intrusive. They would ensure our every need was met and then go off and wait patiently until it was evident they were needed again. I loved their service because there was no micromanaging.  Have you ever been out to eat and had the
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Do’s and Don’ts of Leadership

I recently was speaking to a former client of mine. As we caught up on this and that, we began talking about her transition into a leadership role. She mentioned how she kept reflecting on all the previous managers she’d reported to as she was mentally preparing to step into her new role. She thought of the managers who clearly exhibited traits she knew she didn’t want to emulate. The boss you don’t want to grow up and be like, we all know these. My friend told me the most uncertain part of the whole mental preparation process was which
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