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Remote Work Culture: A Stronger Connection than Your Wifi

No Such Thing as a Normal Zoom Call Almost every Zoom call I’ve been on this year has been quietly interrupted by my dog. The door in my basement office opens slowly and no one visibly comes through it, but down there under the desk Alex snuggles up around my ankles. And on many of these calls I’ve introduced her to whomever is on the other end of the screen.  How many of us have had similar experiences to this? Kids, spouses, pets, parents and grandparents have made appearances in what used to be our mostly cloistered work lives. I’ve
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What Triggers You?

Have you ever been asked what are your biggest pet peeves? One of my employees was just asked this recently, and mentioned that it’s a question posed to her quite often. Pet peeve is just a more common and light-hearted term for something we all experience, triggers. On our HR Community Hour last week, we discussed triggers and how to address them. One recommendation I always stress is spending time to diagnose and recognize your own emotional triggers, to learn them and in turn minimize the effects they can have on your wellbeing.  Just like being asked about your pet
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Caring Leadership Includes Everyone

I often hear people say, “Oh, I am not a leader yet.” Then, I promptly stop them in their tracks to let them know that everyone leads someone, whether with or without a manager title.  Leading has a lot less to do with a title and more to do with the impact we have on those in our presence. When I wrote my book, The Art of Caring Leadership, it was meant for anyone who considers themselves a leader, not just those who hold the title. For me, Caring Leadership Includes Everyone! Our Caring Leadership Ecosystem My team and I
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Modeling Caring Leadership Behaviors in Hard Times

If you’ve been following my blog or my journey, or if you just found me, you may have heard that on Tuesday, April 13th, I published my second book, The Art of Caring Leadership: How Leading with Heart Uplifts Teams and Organizations. And, while I’ve written about Caring Leadership extensively in the past, today I want to give you all a glimpse of some of the Caring Leadership behaviors that my book outlines and details with real-life examples of Caring Leaders.  Together, we will explore what it means to model these Caring Leader behaviors, but rather than discuss them at
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Caring Leadership Came Alive During the Pandemic

Today is the day that my second book, The Art of Caring Leadership: How Leading With Heart Uplifts Teams & Organizations, officially launches! Of course, I’d be lying if I told you I embarked on this journey alone, or that the journey has been an easy one. At the beginning of the pandemic, and for the first few weeks thereafter, I felt nervous. Often, in a down economy, leadership and organizational development services are the first to go. As a speaker, trainer, coach, and consultant almost everything shut down for about two months. It was nuts! But when I turned my attention back
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