Overcoming Adversity to Build Resilience

We all face various challenges, obstacles, and difficulties both inside and outside the office throughout our lives. Over the last twelve months, the arrival of a global pandemic has made it especially difficult to find the right balance in our lives or regain any sense of stability. However, the biggest lesson for organizations and their employees is the importance of building resilience and how to respond to inevitable adversity on the road ahead. Now more than ever, organizations are focused on bouncing back and being stronger than they were in a pre-pandemic world. How successful they will be on this
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The Art of Caring Leadership

The last 12 months have felt incredibly turbulent with COVID-19 and an increasing polarization in society dominating the news. For these reasons alone, I feel that the need for caring leadership has never been more important than it is right now. It is often said that we should be the change that we want to see in the world, so I set out to learn more from those who have mastered the art of caring leadership. We have all been that person who has worked for someone who genuinely embraced us with their care. By contrast, we’ve all worked with
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Why You Are Who You Say You Are

I have the privilege of speaking and working closely with organizations every day. From those conversations, I have learned that any solopreneur, entrepreneur, or successful leader can suffer a crisis of confidence when they least expect it. You are not alone if you have ever experienced moments where you feel hopeless, questioned if you are too young to be in a role, or felt that you are simply not good enough. It can also manifest itself in a dreaded case of imposter syndrome. However, many of these feelings are often caused by how we think people perceive us, rather than
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Caring Leaders to Watch in 2021

We have all worked for managers that took us for granted or made us feel like just a number. On the flip side, some leaders make us feel valued and crucial to both our team and the organization. We will go the extra mile for those that show they care about our wellbeing and value our work. Leading with your heart can uplift teams and transforms performance. It’s time to upgrade your leadership journey. Caring leadership starts with leaders who care for those they lead. Leaders who are committed to seeing people succeed, not just for what they can do for
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Standing up for Intentionality

The last twelve months’ events have seen many of us consumed by too much news. Finding the balance of staying informed without feeling anxious about things beyond our control is a challenge that we have all had to face and overcome. While a leader can have a lot of influence and control over our lives, we need to remember that we have just as much control over ourselves. It’s easy to blame someone else like Donald Trump or social media algorithms that continuously feed us content that strengthens rather than challenges our belief system. But how we show up each
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