Employee well-being

Employee Well-being: Showing That You Care During a Pandemic.

  {Guest post by Cynthia Grant, PhD, MBA, LCSW, Chief Clinical Officer, AllHealth Network}-Leadership with Heart podcast episode #85 Introduction to my employee well-being WHY. Here’s my truth. I really, genuinely, whole heartedly care about my employees. I am a psychotherapist by training now working as a leader at a behavioral health organization, but that’s not why I care. In my mind, being a leader is about carrying responsibility not only for the organization, but for the people who make up the heart and soul of the business. And right now, many of my people are scared and need me
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Drive to Great Leadership.

(Guest post by Andy Books, guest on Leadership with Heart Episode #2) There is an unmistakable, irresistible drive that a leader constantly feels within.  In much the same way that a compass will always find due North, a leader will feel the gravitational pull to lead the way in just about any given situation.  We can’t help or fight it, and to ignore it feels innately wrong  A person may not be born with the leadership gene, but over time and if cultivated correctly, it becomes a gut reaction that forms the very foundation of a person’s convictions. Natural leaders
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Build Resilience

How to Use a Crisis to Build Resilience.

This title might seem off given our current state-of-affairs with COVID-19, but I promise you that we can use this “crisis” to build resilience in ourselves and in those we lead. Resilience is “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.” We have been hearing a lot about resilience lately. Many people want to be known as resilient, but are they willing to put in the work? You might be asking yourself, “What does she mean by ‘putting in the work?’” I liken becoming more resilient with building more muscle. We cannot tone and strengthen our arms without some sort
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Change Your Life

Change Your Language Change Your Life.

Every time I hear the word, “crisis”, my skin crawls. I know that this is technically a crisis, but do we have to keep using that word for everything that is happening around us during this Corona Virus stay-at-home time? How do you feel when people describe what is happening to all of us as a crisis? Does it change your mental state? Physiologically, does it change how you physically feel? You might think that I am looking through rose-colored glasses. Actually, what I am doing is protecting how, where and when I move. You see, I move in the
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Five Insightful Ways to Become an Intentional Leader.

This weekend, I attended Mary Poppins, the musical, as my daughter played a role in the ensemble. I have seen this musical many times, but there is something compelling about seeing it in real life. It authentically explores the concept of becoming an intentional leader. At one point, the young lady playing, Mary Poppins, sings the song, Anything Can Happen. To complete the sentence, it is, “Anything can happen if you let it.” I love this phrase, and I think it most important in the context of leadership. I am working on launching a new website that has my name
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