Do You Seek to Give or to Get From Others?

seek to give or get

Seek to Give or Get? After reading many books on communication, I’ve noticed that many focus on communicating as a way of securing what we want from others. Oftentimes, these same books highlight the need to listen for what we can ‘get’ out of people, instead of what we can ‘give’ to people by listening … Read more

Self-Awareness Test – Are You Open to Hearing the Hard Things?

open to hearing new things

I was speaking with someone recently who had expressed to me that a few employees at their job were so unhappy that they were staging a walkout. They felt underpaid, their voices unheard, and just felt a general lack of appreciation. So this team member went to management to let them know what was about … Read more

The Back Seat Side of Caring Leadership

back seat of caring leadership

Taking the Back Seat My family and I were on our way to church this past week, and instead of sitting in the passenger seat, I took the back seat and let my son sit up front due to a leg injury. As we drove, I realized how clearly I could experience the environment in … Read more

What Excuses Are You Making in 2022?


“I want to move forward in my career, but I’m too unsure to ask for a promotion.” Or “I want to be a better manager, but it’s hard to change my ways and make people feel heard.” How about “I want to lose weight, but I’m not willing to give up junk food.” Less excuses, … Read more

Embrace the Magical Power of Empathy in the New Year

magical power of empathy

Imagine you are transported to a place where you have never been before, accessing emotions that another person feels and with the ability to heal them and all while having the ability to return home when you choose. That’s the magical power of empathy. Empathy is the ability to step into the shoes of another to … Read more

Making Better Choices in 2022

making better choices in 2022

Decisions, Decisions… I was walking with my son one day, and he said to me: “Everything starts with a decision, which is just really a choice. We all have to make a series of choices. That gets us where we are today.” He went on to say that as he makes choices, he would do … Read more

Handling Layoffs with Dignity

layoff better ceo

The Ugly Truth I’m sure you’ve heard about the CEO from who recently laid off 900 of his employees over a Zoom call. Sure, he came forth to apologize eventually, but a late apology often seems as empty as the cold delivery that started it all. I mean 900 employees, wow! If you haven’t … Read more

​​How Favoritism Plays a Role in Workplace Conflict

favoritism workplace conflict

Self Awareness and Bias It’s in our nature as humans to build friendships with those we come in close contact with regularly. This is what we call affinity bias. For most of us, many of those friendships form with people we work with. However, whether it be a fellow employee, a subordinate, or someone who … Read more

Dealing with Bullies at Work

dealing with bullies at work

Recognizing Workplace Bullying I want to touch on the topic of bullying in the workplace and how to show caring leadership while not only managing it, but recognizing it. Bullying doesn’t necessarily mean a face-to-face confrontation. Even negative or condescending emails can pass as bullying tendencies. Some additional examples include: Targeted practical jokes Being purposely misled about … Read more

Positive Power vs. Acquired Authority

positive power authority

Which is which? I want to talk about positive power and acquired authority and why it’s important to know the difference. When we think of leadership in the workplace, we think of those with a manager, supervisor, or executive title. But a continuous problem I see is most managers don’t really understand the positive power … Read more


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