221: Leaders with Heart Don’t Just want Equality, But Equity Too

adrian taylor

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast: In this episode, Heather sits down with Adrian Taylor, the Director of Diversity for Premier Health in Dayton, Ohio. Adrian Taylor leads programming that supports Premier’s commitment to diversity and inclusion with an emphasis on workforce diversity, supplier diversity, patient diversity, and community engagement. His commitment to diversity … Read more

220: Leaders with Heart Put the Human in HR

robert hicks

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast: In this episode, Heather chats with Robert Hicks, the Group HR Director at Reward Gateway. Reward Gateway is an employee engagement platform committed to putting the “Human” in HR. Key Takeaways:  HR policies need to be explained well for employees to understand Listening should be encouraged for all … Read more

Seeking to Understand When Things Get Heated

conflict resolution

You likely read this title and thought, “Sure, seeking to understand is easy when things are calm, but how does this active listening thing differ when trying to understand someone when one of us is angry?” Great question! It can certainly be difficult to step back and assess the situation when emotions are awry, especially … Read more

Overcoming Isolation When Working Remotely

overcoming isolation remote work

In the midst of Covid-19, a vast majority of leaders transitioned employees from a face-to-face environment to working virtually and for many, that became permanent. In the beginning, I think we could all agree that it was a bit of relief being home with the unknown balance of the world, but fast-forward a few years, … Read more

219: Leaders with Heart Care About Mental Health

mental health erin pash

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast: In this episode, Heather sits down with Erin Pash, Founder, and CEO of Ellie Mental Health. Over the last 15 years, Erin’s work experience in local government and non-profits has led her to co-found an agency, Ellie Mental Health, to bring more creativity and fill gaps in the … Read more

Are You Confident in Your Leadership?

confident leadership

Being Confident One thing that happens a lot at my speaking engagements or workshops is I’ll ask the audience if they’ve done certain behaviors within leadership, negative or positive, naming off a few this or that. When the behavior is positive, nearly every hand raises, and people are willing to share their wins. But when … Read more

218: Leaders with Heart Work in Sales Too

elijah german sales podcast

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast: In this episode, Heather sits down with Elijah German, Head of Sales at Uniform Teeth. Elijah is a seasoned sales and business development leader that is passionate about building meaningful customer and employee relationships. Key Takeaways:  Relationships start with active listening Sales roles also need leadership that focus … Read more

What My Teenage Daughter Taught Me About Listening to Ourselves

When it comes time to send our kiddos off to college, I feel like I speak for most parents when I say that we always have an input or two. The location, distance, or majors that are offered – whatever it may be. Like most families, we went through the process with my daughter of … Read more

217: Leaders with Heart Help Others

Ena Patel

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast: In this episode, Heather chats with Ena Patel, the Director of Games Planning & Delivery for LA28, the joint venture tasked with executing the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. She has a passion for connecting people & the community, as well as paving the way for women … Read more

216: Leaders with Heart Don’t Shy Away from Problems

Joseph Fortna

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast: Joseph Fortna is the Executive Vice President at FirstBank. Joseph has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Colorado State University and a Master’s of Divinity from Denver Seminary. He also served as an adjunct professor for several years. In addition, he worked as an Associate Pastor in … Read more


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