How to Improve Customer Experience

3 Tips for Leading With Empathy & Compassion

The other day, I was picking up an order from a deli for my mother, who had ordered ahead of time. I didn’t realize the order was set for a later pick up time, so I arrived, and it wasn’t ready. When I told them that I had traveled 45 minutes and was wondering if … Read more

Enlightened leader series: Interview with a global luxury handbag founder

I am very excited to share my first interview as part of the Enlightened leader series. I will share these interviews monthly to shine a light on enlightened leaders around the world. My questions help uncover leadership styles and strategies and how this impacts the employee experience.   When I refer to “Enlightened leader”, I … Read more

#1 Reason to Craft a Compelling Customer Experience Vision, Now!

  [pullquote align=center] In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.-Dalai Lama [/pullquote]     I have seen it time and again where senior leaders decide that they can move forward with executing on a tactical plan, because they want to feel successful. Worse yet, they oftentimes underestimate the … Read more

What My 13-Year Old Taught Me About Being Trustworthy

  Do you know who you can trust? Can you be trusted? Merriam-Webster’s online defines Trustworthy as: [pullquote align=center] Able to be relied on to do or provide what is needed or right: deserving of trust [/pullquote]   Just recently, trustworthiness became a big issue with my daughter. If you have read my previous posts … Read more

Want to Be Nordstrom-like? Are You Up To It?

I recently spoke with a prospective client who told me that his organization was aiming to be the “Nordstrom” of their industry. In my position, I hear this a lot. To be clear, getting to be the Nordstrom of any industry does take intentional focus and action. It is also not easy to achieve. What … Read more

3 Undervalued Practices of Successful Managers

  [pullquote align=center] Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them.-John Maxwell [/pullquote] I have had the privilege to work with and interview some very committed managers. They were also leaders. There are really three common practices successful managers commit to doing consistently: 1. Successful managers recognize efforts … Read more

A Final Peek: My Interview with a Zappos Leader.

In the first of these articles, Rich Hazeltine of Zappos and I discussed the role that training and development plays in creating engaged employees, the challenges in moving away from a traditional model of management to a more self-organized one and the difference between how Millennials and then those in the over 35 group respond to … Read more

A Deeper Look: An Interview with a Zappos Leader

This article is the second in a 3-part series based upon my interview with Zappos’ training and development leader, Richard Hazeltine. You can check out the first article here for my discussion with Richard about the role of training and development in creating engaged employees and some of the challenges in moving to their new … Read more

Surprising Insights from my Zappos Interview

  This is the 1st article in a 3-part series where I share my interview with Zappos’ leader of training and development, Richard Hazeltine, as part of my focus on what it takes to create customers and employees positively fanatical about your brand. I reached out to Rich after noticing that not only does he … Read more

5 Ways to Create a More Receptive Voice of the Customer Culture

Since my kids are off on Christmas break, I had the opportunity to watch The Lorax (2012) with them. Even though I have seen this delightful movie many times, something struck me this time: What good does it do to say an organization has a team who represents the “customer’s voice,” if no one is … Read more


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