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134: Leaders with Heart Embrace Change and Rise from It

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast: In this episode, Heather speaks directly to listeners about some recent changes she has made, and how she has learned to embrace change even during this pandemic. Heather also shares some key decisions she has made to create a metamorphosis in her life. Key takeaways: Now is the … Read more

62: Leaders With Heart Understand That Leadership Is An Iterative Process

SUBSCRIBE TO ITUNES In this episode, Heather speaks with Carey Jenkins, CEO of Substantial. Carey shares her unique outlook on her leadership journey, her leadership style, her refreshing outlook on the evolution of leadership and the power of mindset. Key takeaways: Be a continuous learner and seek fresh start in your leadership. Be intentional in … Read more

60: Leaders With Heart Show Up As Their Authentic Selves Every Day And To Everyone

SUBSCRIBE TO ITUNES In this episode, Heather speaks with Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight about his leadership style in the context of his company’s values, a time when he was not the best leader he could be, and his share of some great words of wisdom. Key Takeaways: Commit to learning every day and realize … Read more

49: Leaders With Heart Speak The Future Into The People They Lead

SUBSCRIBE TO ITUNES In this episode, Heather speaks with Daniel McCollum of Torrent Consulting about his leadership journey, his drive to raise others up and how his own personal why helped his organization get back on track. Key takeaways: You can empower others but don’t abdicate your leadership. It’s important that leaders speak the future into … Read more

42: Leaders With Heart Are Clear About Who They Are And Share It Openly With Others

SUBSCRIBE TO ITUNES Leaders with heart are smart, and they are looking at the connection between the heart and a proof of concept. Today, I’m super excited with our guest. He is one sharp leader. Also, I like his ability to make things more objective, including his focus on measuring success. I’m doing this episode … Read more

41: Leaders With Heart Are Genuine, Allowing Those Who They Lead To Be The Same

SUBSCRIBE TO ITUNES It’s great to see leaders putting in so much focus on their people. Interestingly, Heather met someone who is just comfortable in his skin and in being out there, in that space of transparency and vulnerability. Today in this podcast episode, Heather speaks with John LaFemina, Director of Performance Management at Pacific … Read more

39: Leaders With Heart Look For Greatness Inside The People They Lead

In this episode, Heather speaks with U.J. Jatar about his leadership style, the unique background that contributed to his leadership focus, challenges in leadership and a refreshed vision of human potential. Key Takeaways: Our people have more potential than we give them credit for. Human ingenuity is unlimited and leaders can unleash it. We just … Read more

Mentoring: Each one, reach one.

      Just recently, I attended my first ever mentor walk. The idea is that a mentor and mentee are paired up and then walk a mile together to learn more about each other and to receive and give some great advice. This will, hopefully, turn into a long-term relationship. I decided to sponsor … Read more


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