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Caring Leadership Came Alive During the Pandemic

Today is the day that my second book, The Art of Caring Leadership: How Leading With Heart Uplifts Teams & Organizations, officially launches!

Of course, I’d be lying if I told you I embarked on this journey alone, or that the journey has been an easy one. At the beginning of the pandemic, and for the first few weeks thereafter, I felt nervous. Often, in a down economy, leadership and organizational development services are the first to go. As a speaker, trainer, coach, and consultant almost everything shut down for about two months. It was nuts!

But when I turned my attention back to the manuscript for this book, I realized it had never been more timely. My publisher offered me a grace period given all we were facing, but instead I kept that first deadline in my mind and raced toward it. I didn’t want to wallow in the temporary pause on business. I wanted to honor my commitment to my editor and my promise to myself.

Now, on this day, April 13, 2021, my book dreams have become a reality for the second time. This is the day that thousands of copies of The Art of Caring Leadership drop ship around the world to places like Japan, Switzerland, and Dubai. The impact of my words and the words of over 80 leaders who I interviewed for the book will empower leaders to uplift teams and organizations everywhere!

The more global leaders read my words and the real stories of leaders who understand what it means to lead with heart, the better. And the best part is, we’ve created an entire system to support them! From a Caring Leadership Self-Assessment, Caring Leadership Community, Caring Leadership Academy, and even Caring Leadership coaches. You can find out more about those here.

It is my dream to see leaders in any role express more concern and kindness toward those they lead in consistent ways. I know, deep down, that this will result in their team members finally feeling valued for who they are – and not just what they can do.

I have had very few leaders in my life to whom I refer to as caring. That’s because it IS hard work and, up until this point, not clearly defined. I can tell you that, when I think back on those who consistently expressed that they cared for me, my heart smiles.

Thus, I invite you to not only embark on a Caring Leadership journey with me, but to remember the moments when you experienced caring leadership for yourself. What did that feel like? Hold onto that. Those memories and those feelings will get you through the desert moments of leadership.

If you focus on leading with heart, you will touch lives.

For me and so many other leaders, the need for caring leadership came alive during the pandemic. Consider this your invitation: to do your part to ensure the light of caring leadership continues to burn brightly, no matter what crises we face in future.

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