87: Leaders With Heart Actively Build Resilience

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In this episode, Heather updates the listeners on the book that will come out based upon the podcast. She also talks about the importance of leaders building resilience in the face of adversity.

Key takeaways:

  • Leaders must first build resilience in the face of obstacles before they can help their people do the same.
  • People all around us are in a struggle.
  • How quickly they can rebound or bounce back from those struggles will make all the difference in terms of efficiency, productivity improved emotional well being. 
  • Leaders everywhere must make a choice.
  • How quickly are you going to get up when you fall down?

This episode is short but sweet. Thanks for listening!

Book Updates

I’m super excited with the direction of the book based on this podcast. I just finished the brush-ups of the first couple of chapters. Now, I can submit them to a literary agent, and hope they can represent me to publishers. But, even if they don’t, that is okay. I will move forward on getting the book out because its message is powerful and crucial. 

Also, there will be opportunities for listeners to support the launch of that book, Not only that, you can get to decide about things before the launch, such as the color of the cover, etc. So, keep an eye out. To the listeners, my former guests, and the Leadership with Heart community, you mean a lot to me. Your following and referrals means so much.

Moving Past Adversity

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My daughter lives with a lot of adversity around her. 

She was born with a sensory processing disorder and a rare multiple heart defect which would require a very risky open heart surgery. Over time, she had been better but the chance of getting surgery is still there. Also, she has always been challenged because of her special needs. She has learning delays that’s why she struggles managing schoolwork. She has difficulty understanding her body and space, and is socially awkward. She has a hard time fitting in and keeping friends. She is very smart yet she lacks confidence. 

But she is impressively resilient. 

Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulty. Hence, she just moves through the things that are happening to her. She is focused in plotting her course forward and doesn’t let anything get in her way. She does get stuck a lot while she moves forward, which represents a lot of leaders all over the world. But as someone who is resilient, she moves past the adversity and quickly bounces back.

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Reflecting on Resilience

Today, reflect on how you might be stuck.

There are things that we cannot choose, like where to be born or the disabilities that we could have. But we can choose how we react to people and life circumstances, and how we show up every day at work. We also choose how to respond to those who might come at us aggressively.

In the workplace, we need to build up relationships and connections amongst each other. Becoming stronger and more resilient amidst adversity allows you to lead your people who are going through much doubt, delay, inefficiency, and non-productivity.

The truth is, we all get stuck. But resilience is how quickly we bounce back from being stuck.

Evaluate your situation and figure out how to reframe your current circumstance. Do you want to be in a leadership role? Should you be in that position? Recommitting to the role means that you also commit to learning resilience. Only then can you help your people that look up to you build the same outlook.

We all choose our mindset and the direction that we go. We cannot control anybody around us but we can control ourselves. Together, let’s all commit to doing just that.

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