118: Leaders With Heart Know That They Must Do The Right Thing At All Times

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In this episode, Heather speaks with Wes Struebing, Founder and President at Logistics Titans about his very direct and caring leadership style, where his drive to lead comes from, and some great nuggets for all leaders to move forward in their leadership.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you cannot or are not helping those you lead, you must leave or change your position.
  • You are either green and growing or you are dying. Which do you choose?
  • Doing the right thing is the only thing to do.

Don’t miss your chance, leaders with heart! Listen and learn!
Wes Struebing’s Full BIO

Wes Struebing is the founder and president at Logistics Titans. 

After more than 30 years of being in the logistics industry, Wes learned a thing or two about moving things around and leading people to do their best and give their best to our clients. Whether it’s in life or business, he believes in one thing: he only wants to be there if he can make it better.

Logistics is his passion. He helps client partners figure out how to minimize loss and expenses with a reverse logistics plan that improve their bottom line and the environment. He knows how to create solutions for high-touch products, minimize cost, and become an extension of the client’s team.

Outside of his professional life, Wes has got a brand new baby. He also likes to cook, watch college football, and travel. 

Green and Growing

There’s a saying that either you’re green and growing, or ripe and rotting. Personally, I think I am green and growing as a leader since I still want to work and get better at it. I am open to being wrong and I want to learn new stuff all of the time. I absolutely learn more from failing than I do at winning. That’s where I am.

In difficult times, like this COVID crisis, I am clear with my team about me not taking a salary, and the rifts this could be to all of us. I tell them we’ll continue to communicate and navigate this the best we can.

If you’re not actively learning, you’re going to be in big trouble. - @wstruebing #leadershipwithheart Click To Tweet

Make it Better

I’ve worked in a family business for a long time. But for the last 22 years I worked in another enterprise. I looked at the way they operate and how they care or did not care about people. I also observed some of the mistakes people have made in the organization. I think that they feel they are building things for themselves.

I live my life by a very simple rule—I want to be in your life as long as I can make it better. When I cannot make your life better, I will get out. That goes for my employees, my clients, and my friends; and it touches every part of my life. 

I am here to try and make your life better. If I can’t, then I won’t do it. Over time, I think this has become contagious. Also, it has thrusted me to this leadership role. You’re in this to make someone’s life better. Following this mantra has given me more gifts personally and professionally.

I just wish everyone would sit back and do the right thing. When in doubt do the right thing because there is no other choice. Just do it.

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Keeping the Community

Every morning I have an 8 AM Zoom call with my entire team, as well as a 5 PM end-of-the-day call with them. During the call, we’ll go through what we’re going to get done for the day, and what we’ve accomplished at the end of the day. All in a very quick and concise manner.

It has really put me more in touch with everybody in the company. I know more about what goes on with my people right now than I have ever have. Their families are also invited in the meetings. This is one of the ways that we have really kept our sense of community when there’s no office to go to

Early on in my career, I had the tendency to want to do everything myself because I knew no one can do it as well as I could. Until I was able to let that go, and help and teach others how to do things, I wouldn’t be as effective as I am today. Not even close.

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