282: Slowing Down to Speed Up

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In this episode of the Leadership with Heart Podcast, Heather reflects on her recent experiences and shares an important lesson she learned: “slowing down to speed up.” Over the past nine days, Heather has been on a hectic journey, traveling for a keynote in Houston, attending the National Speakers Association convention, and recording LinkedIn Learning courses in California. Amidst her fast-paced life, she realized the significance of slowing down to connect with people, find inner calm, and observe the opportunities and lessons in front of her.

Heather encourages her listeners to adopt this “slowing down to speed up” mindset, whether it’s by listening to the waves on the beach or simply taking time to be present in their daily lives. By doing so, leaders can achieve a deeper understanding of themselves and their environment, leading to meaningful and fulfilling experiences.

More about Heather R Younger

Heather Younger is the Founder & CEO of Employee Fanatix, a leading employee engagement and consulting firm. She is a highly sought-after keynote speaker, bringing the best insights from over 30,000 employee stories to the stage, a diversity, equity and inclusion strategist, and the world’s leading expert on listening at work. Drawing from her personal experiences as the only child of an interfaith and interracial marriage, Heather is committed to inspiring leaders everywhere to flex their empathy muscles and master the art of active listening to ensure every employee feels valued, heard, and supported. Her presentations are dedicated to helping leaders and organizations create supportive cultures of care by improving how they listen to and communicate with employees.

She is a two-time TEDx speaker, sharing universal insights with millions all over the world, and
the host of Leadership With Heart, a podcast about how leaders can better engage and retain talent. A regular contributor to leading news outlets, she has been featured in Bloomberg Business, CNN Business, and FAST Company, to name just a few.

Heather is the author of two bestselling books: The 7 Intuitive Laws of Employee Loyalty, which
was named one of Forbes “Must-Read” books for HR Professionals, and The Art of Caring
Leadership, which teaches the radical power of caring support in leadership and the workplace.

Heather’s third book, The Art of Active Listening, has just been released through Berrett-Koehler. Known as An Employee WhispererTM, Heather harnesses humor, warmth, and an instant relatability to engage and uplift audiences, and inspire them into action. Her presentations are dedicated to helping teams, leaders, and organizations shine by improving how they listen to, communicate with, and empower employees.

Things to think about

  1. What is your main distraction?
  2. What does this distraction distract you from?
  3. Are you more distracted at home or at work? Or both?

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About Heather R Younger

Heather R Younger is a highly sought-after speaker, 2x-TEDx speaker, diversity, equity and inclusion strategist, and contributor to leading news outlets. She is also the Founder and CEO of Employee Fanatix, a leading employee engagement and consulting firm.

After over 25,000 employee engagement surveys and years of working with organizations to transform employee engagement, here’s what Heather has seen over and over:

When you know how to listen, employees will tell you exactly what they need to bring their full selves to work.

Book Heather to speak at your event or organization. Visit heatheryounger.com or https://www.cmispeakers.com/heather-r-younger for more details.

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Leadership With Heart With Heather R Younger

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Heather is a Workplace Culture Expert


CEO of Employee Fanatix

A leading workplace culture and employee engagement consulting & training firm.

A highly sought-after keynote speaker

Bringing the best insights from over 25,000 employee stories to the stage.

A top company culture strategist

An expert in creating spaces for these vital conversations.

A contributor to leading news outlets

A trusted expert for stories on workplace culture, customer and employee engagement, and employee retention.


The Cycle of Active Listening

Create a listening culture that elevates the workplace experience for everyone.

Through this guide, uncover how to ensure those in your care at work feel heard and valued, resulting in increased loyalty and satisfaction.

  • Understand why listening is the key to improved engagement
  • Learn how the Cycle of Active Listening contributes to strong workplace relationships
  • Get a practical framework for creating a listening culture that is bidirectional, responsive, and supportive

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