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173: Leaders with Heart Ask for Help

leaders with heart ask for help garry turner

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In this episode, Heather interviews Garry Turner – friend, Caring Leadership Coach, and International Product Manager for IMCD Group. Garry shows up in his most authentic self in this episode. As you can tell from the first 5 minutes of listening, Garry is someone who believes being vulnerable is the key to connection and community. Take a listen to these rich 20 minutes of work, personal, and life advice from two strangers from across the globe who have developed a genuine friendship. 

Garry was chosen as one of the Caring Leadership Coaches because of his use of progressive coaching approaches to connect individuals and teams to themselves, and each other, more meaningfully — to deliver exceptional outcomes as a result. Garry is such a caring human being, you’ll surely enjoy these next 23 minutes. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • We are more than just our job titles.
  • Community is essential for our well-being. 
  • School doesn’t teach emotions, we must teach ourselves.
  • Practicing being vulnerable will help build the vulnerability muscle. 
  • Empowerment and delegations are not the same.
  • The Caring Leadership Community is a place to rely on for answers.

The more we practice being vulnerable, the more comfortable we get with it. – Garry Turner #leadershipwithheart Click To Tweet

Garry Turner is a friend, Caring Leadership Coach, strategic advisor, podcast host, and International Product Manager for IMCD Group. He is based out of the United Kingdom and actually connected with Heather through LinkedIn.

Garry Turner has over 15 podcast appearances, has delivered more than ten keynote talks, has produced multiple workshops & hackathons, and is regularly featured on BizCatalyst 360. His work is based on progressive inside-out change that he has learned from his experience in international sales, culture, people, and systems building expertise.

He currently juggles multiple positions as a coach, advisor, podcast host, and product manager – in the most recent few years he has implemented the 9 Caring Leadership key tenets and has seen the positive consequences in his teams. 

The Vulnerability Muscle

There is truly a power in opening up and being vulnerable. Now, I don’t mean having personal word-vomit every time you speak with someone, what I mean is sharing small nuggets of information about yourself – the good and the bad. We need this for connection. It’s really a practice. The more we practice being vulnerable, the more comfortable we get with it. I used to think of vulnerability as a weakness. When a computer is vulnerable it is bad, but we humans, we need it to build our relationships and make them stronger. 

leaders with heart ask for help garry turner

It’s Okay to Ask for Help

When you stop and think about it – we’ve never been taught how to be vulnerable. We’ve never been taught emotion. As kids, teenagers, and even adults, we have always just been told what is wrong and what is right. Because of this, so many of us struggle with understanding and showing our emotions. Being vulnerable is hard for everyone – I think all sexes, genders, and races experience this. Lately, I have seen a shift in myself, and what your book highlights, of people becoming more open about their feelings. It’s been a movement towards vulnerability, toward mental and emotional growth, that creates a safe space for employees to feel comfortable asking for help and being honest.

Caring leaders get out of your way and let you be brilliant. – Garry Turner #leadershipwithheart Click To Tweet

Caring Leaders Need a Community to Rely On

Empowerment and delegation are not the same. Yet, these two words are often used interchangeably. Empowerment is what a Caring Leader does – they build you up and then let you shine. It’s more about getting out of your way and letting you be brilliant. The way to become a better leader is to empower your employees to be better leaders themselves. As leaders, we must be aware of our gaps and allow for others to fill those. Before the Caring Leadership community, I relied on close friends and LinkedIn as my community. However, now I have access to feedback from other coaches and HR professionals who have or are living the same struggles I am currently facing. The community is ultimately my go-to place for any questions, concerns, or ideas regarding HR or leadership. Join me in the community to be part of the movement.


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