Creating Cultures of Listening: Be Part of the Change

There are so many options out there for professional growth and certification programs, but to me, there's one thing that truly stands out—long-lasting impact. Today, I'm thrilled to unveil the unique story behind the creation of our Certified Art of Active Listening Facilitator program. With a strong foundation in workplace culture and employee engagement, this program isn't just about skills—it's about igniting a transformation that reshapes the way workplaces, well, work.

As someone who has worked for years nurturing workplaces into places where individuals thrive and feel valued, I understand the profound effect that a culture of active listening can have. My journey with active listening began from people yearning for meaningful change within their workplaces. They craved to be heard, and to be able to voice their opinions safely, but many felt like they couldn't. And it was in these moments that the seeds of what would become the rest of my career were planted.

Imagine a workplace undergoing a merger of five distinct companies. Amidst the uncertainties, I found myself in a pivotal role—people turned to me for answers and a sense of belonging, even though I wasn't their superior. The need for change was undeniable, but acknowledging it wasn't enough. I knew I had to do something—I had to become a catalyst for change. This realization led me to establish an employee engagement council, a safe space where voices could resonate and trust could be rebuilt. I saw first-hand the desire for change and genuine connection from the employees.

But then came a turning point - I was laid off during the merger. After being laid off, I thought about how all of us, the employees, felt. I couldn't stop thinking about all the things that leadership could have done differently. It became evident that someone had to champion employee voices, bridging the gap between leadership and the workforce.

This revelation became my driving force, inspiring me to launch a company that helps organizations through challenges with an employee-first mentality. That is, of course, Employee Fanatix.

Years rolled on, and my journey of exploration continued. Through the "Leadership with Heart" podcast, I connected with remarkable leaders, gathering insights that eventually led to "The Art of Caring Leadership," a book that provided a blueprint for embracing care in workplaces. Yet, it was the chapter on cultivating a Culture of Listening that truly struck a chord.

This chapter laid the foundation for The Art of Active Listening. This book has a 5 step proprietary framework that works as a guide to Active Listening. Those steps are: Recognizing the unspoken, Seeking to Understand, Decode, Act, and Close the Loop. These steps interweave to form a cycle that nourishes authentic engagement.

The journey to creating the Art of Active Listening was deeply personal—this deep desire to empower individuals to cultivate workplaces where empathy, understanding, and connection flourish. The success stories, the "aha" moments, and the tangible impact of this framework propelled me to a pivotal realization: I couldn't undertake this journey alone. If I wanted to transform workplaces nationwide, I needed to amplify this movement, fostering a network of change-makers.

And so, with great excitement, I introduce our Certified Art of Active Listening Facilitator program. This isn't just another certification—it's a movement, encapsulating a new era of workplace culture and employee engagement. If you share my vision of nurturing environments where people are truly seen, heard, valued, and understood, I invite you to apply for certification. Together, let's reshape the landscape of work, one authentic connection at a time.

To embark on this transformative journey, apply now >>> here <<<.

Let's be champions of change!

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The Cycle of Active Listening

Create a listening culture that elevates the workplace experience for everyone.

Through this guide, uncover how to ensure those in your care at work feel heard and valued, resulting in increased loyalty and satisfaction.

  • Understand why listening is the key to improved engagement
  • Learn how the Cycle of Active Listening contributes to strong workplace relationships
  • Get a practical framework for creating a listening culture that is bidirectional, responsive, and supportive

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