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203: Leaders with Heart Write Out a Plan

write out a plan
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In this episode, Heather talks with her listeners about an encounter she recently had with her son about his future. He was telling her how much he wanted to be a soccer player, but Heather points out that he isn’t really putting in the work he should be. Heather reminds him that people who want to reach their goals must put in the work and write out a plan. Hear her four steps for achieving your goals in 2022. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • It’s a lot easier to make excuses than to put in the work necessary 
  • In order to achieve your goals, you must write out a plan
  • Be ready to fail 
  • When you fail, make sure to get back up 
  • Break large goals into smaller ones

Heather R Younger is an experienced keynote speaker, two-time author, and the CEO and Founder of Employee Fanatix, a leading employee engagement, leadership development, and DEI consulting firm, where she is on a mission to help leaders understand the power they possess to ensure people feel valued at work. 

Known as The Employee WhispererTM, Heather harnesses humor, warmth, and an instant relatability to engage and uplift audiences and inspire them into action. 

Rooted in her belief that employees aren’t just numbers on the payroll but human beings with ideas that matter, Heather’s talks and workshops are dedicated to helping teams, leaders, and organizations shine by improving how they listen to, communicate with, and empower employees on their journey to Caring Leadership. 

Four Simple Steps

  1. Plot Out Baby Steps You Can Take Everyday
  2. Do a Daily Examination
  3. Give Yourself Time and Recalibrate 
  4. Commit to Having an Accountability Partner or Coach

We don’t have to get to our goals by ourselves. Check with HR to see if there are funds for a coach, or invest in yourself and hire that coach that can take you to the next level. Do all this with grace and don’t forget to take care of yourself. Practice self-care and give yourself time to achieve these goals. 

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