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195: Leaders with Heart Make Businesses with Heart

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In this episode, Heather sits down with Shafik Mina, President and Co-Owner of the Mad Science® Group and Co-Founder of 2inspireTM and Crayola® Imagine Arts Academy TM. Shafik’s company wants to inspire kids and get them interested in science, all while making it fun. He claims that they are “a business with heart” that wants to inspire children through science, and spark lifelong imagination and curiosity. Take a listen!

Key Takeaways: 

  • Many schools have cut back on their funding for Arts
  • Shafik sees Arts as the key concepts of what will differentiate people in future workplaces
  • Their goal is to inspire kids through science and spark curiosity
  • They work hard to be a business with Heart
  • Leaders have a responsibility to those they lead
We decided to create an art program that uses art techniques to teach kids concepts that we think will be differentiators in the future. – Shafik Mina #leadershipwithheart Click To Tweet

Shafik Mina is a serial entrepreneur, President, and Co-Owner of the Mad Science® Group and Co-Founder of 2inspireTM and Crayola® Imagine Arts Academy TM. Mina joined Mad Science Group as in-house counsel in June of 2009. In 2012 he was named President, and in 2016 he became Co-Owner.

Outside of his career, Shafik is a business mentor and a value investor for a handful of innovative startups and a dynamic presenter on a variety of business topics.

Shafik started his career at 19 by successfully launching and operating two companies in the food industry. Before joining Mad Science, he earned his law degrees and practiced at a top-tier national Canadian law firm. Shafik holds a Bachelor’s Degree with Honors in Political Science, a Juris Doctorate in Common Law, and a Bachelor in Civil Law. Lastly, he is a member of the Quebec Bar and the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Helping Kids Foster Creativity

Mad Science™ and Crayola® Imagine Arts Academy are the world’s leading children’s enrichment programs, and they are doing things a little differently.

Mina has been passionate about this business since he joined the Mad Science team in 2009. Mina believes that today’s kids are not developing the critical motor, language, social, and decision-making skills required in today’s world. In addition, due to chronic underfunding, creativity and innovation are rarely taught in the classroom today. This is despite 72% of business leaders saying that creativity is the number one skill they seek when hiring.

Imagine Arts Academy is a partnership with Crayola™ and Mad Science™. Together, they have developed programs that combine traditional art with real-world applications and creative problem-solving. As a result, these programs have proven to help kids foster the creativity required for today’s world.

heart business science kids

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