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185: Leaders with Heart Show their Intent Everyday

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In this episode, Heather interviews Jana Cinnamon, the COO of an accounting firm. Many people assume that Jana must be an accountant or CPA herself, but her background is actually in Human Resources. Leading is her passion, and she takes pride in equipping her people with the right tools to succeed. Her lens of view as COO is one in which she considers the implications of her decisions on her people. She makes every decision with intent in mind. Above all, this 35-minute conversation is full of wisdom, advice and is a human-to-human conversation about what being a leader really is.


Key Takeaways: 

  • Leadership has less to do with your title and more to do with how you are as a person
  • Being human and vulnerable with your people is key 
  • Equip people with the tools they need for success
  • Don’t beat yourself up over negative outcomes, avoid the dark place of self-sabotage
  • You are your biggest critic
  • Lead with intent and the rest will follow
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Jana Cinnamon is the Chief Operating Officer at Abdo Eick & Meyers, LLP. She oversees various functions within the firm such as Human Resources, Firm Administration, and Technology. Her goal is to attract, develop, and retain the best employees. 

Previously, she worked as the Director of Talent Management where she was in charge of directing learning and development efforts for partners, CPA’s, accountants, and support staff.

Before coming to Abdo Eick & Meyers, LLP, she worked at General Mills Credit Union for almost 6 years as Organizational Development Manager, creating and conducting training to support organizational objectives. Additionally, she contributed to the development and implementation of new technologies, systems, and processes that support the goals of GMFCU.

Lastly, Jana earned her BA in Communication and her Master’s in Human Resources and Industrial Relations from the University of Minnesota.

Do Results Matter?

Results matter but it’s not what the full focus of what being a leader is about. It’s not just the end outcome of a project that was phenomenal, or that you that got a big win for that matters. Sometimes it’s about being able to step up to the plate. I think that a really huge turning point in my career was recognizing you’re not always going to be the grand slam hitter or you’re not always going to be the one who exceeds all expectations. Finally, I realized that everything you do matters leading up to those moments, and sometimes showing up at that moment and being there is enough. Remember that intention is key. Lead with intent!

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