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191: Leaders with Heart are Willing to Adapt

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In this episode, Heather interviews Matthew Raidbard, Ed.D., the College Athletics Administrator at Hartford University, author of “Lead Like A Pro” and owner of Raidbard Sports Leadership Consulting. Dr. Raidbard completed his Doctorate in Educational Leadership at Chicago State, with his dissertation focusing on determining the best leadership style and behaviors for athletic coaches to practice. His findings inspired his book, “Lead Like A Pro,” where he helps inform coaches about leadership practices and teaches them how to align their perceived and actual leadership styles and behaviors. As a result, this allows them to become more intentional, adapt, and be more effective leaders.

Key Takeaways: 

  • The athletics world needs leadership just as much as corporate.
  • Leading by example is always best.
  • Setting your intention for leadership makes it a more straightforward and more accessible path to follow.
  •  Different styles of leadership are effective for different groups of people.
  • Coaching college athletes is similar to coaching corporate employees.
  • All team members need feedback.
  • Leading with empathy creates more substantial relationships.
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Matthew Raidbard obtained his Bachelor’s degree in history and classical studies from Indiana University, and then decided to pursue his dream of being a college basketball coach. His first college basketball coaching job was at Western New Mexico University, where in addition to coaching he completed his Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. After leaving Western New Mexico he served as a men’s basketball coach at Dartmouth College, Florida Gulf Coast University, and Chicago State University. While working at Chicago State he completed his Doctorate in Educational Leadership, with his dissertation focusing on determining the best leadership style and behaviors for athletic coaches to practice.

Lead Like A Pro

Firstly, I always tried to work hard to develop positive relationships with my athletes. It was important for me to get to know them on a human level and be somebody who really cared about them. Then when I moved into administration, my leadership became towards other coaches and my staff instead of the athletes. But my leadership practice remained the same. It was and is very centered on serving others. I try to go into every day or every meeting with the mindset of ‘how can I make this better for everybody else?’ Lastly, for me, it’s about making my team have a really good experience. Besides, I like to get them really involved and get their input. It always works best that way.

adapt matthew raidbard change leader

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