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190: Leaders with Heart Share with Others

leaders share nick lopez heart
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In this episode, Heather interviews Nick Lopez, the founder of Lime. LIME Painting is the first and only national high-end painting company. LIME is a franchise brand with a social enterprise in LIME Light Outreach, Inc. that gives franchisees a platform to give back to their local community’s youth through LIME Light’s Four Pillars of Knowledge: Faith, Family, Patriotism, and Prosperity. Take a listen. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Building a successful company requires a clear vision
  • Intention is critical when you’re building a conscious brand
  • Be intentional with who you do business
  • Sometimes it’s better to grow slower when you have a long-term goal
  • Being passionate about your work is the best path to success
  • LIME is a game-changing business model that provides unique opportunities for the community
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Nick Lopez attended Arvada West High School and left Colorado as a wide-eyed first-generation college student to work on a BS in business marketing from Michigan State University. His plan was to walk on to the wrestling team, which would ultimately pay for the cost of tuition and living. The reality was that a scholarship was a couple of years away, so Nick made the tough decision to hang up his wrestling shoes for an entrepreneurial endeavor to support the cost of his education.

At the age of 19, Nick founded his first painting LLC, and every summer thereafter he painted homes to help pay for tuition, books, and cost of living. By doing so, Nick developed a real passion and love for the craft of home improvement. In his third year as the owner of the company, the “light bulb” went off. He realized that those years of painting didn’t have to be his last, and that a future in the home improvement industry he had grown to love, made sense. From that point forward, Nick focused himself on building a business that would set the standard for excellence in painting and home improvement.

Upon graduation, Nick and his soon-to-be wife moved back to Colorado to start their family. Soon after, Nick launched LIME Painting in Denver. He created, developed, and perfected a game-changing business model for consistently delivering exceptionally high-quality home improvement services. High-quality people were the secret to LIME’s early and ongoing success. They have been the key to making LIME the special home service company that customers have been searching for. LIME has perfected a partnership model that appeals to the most talented artisans within a market and marries them directly to clients for exceptional craftsmanship.

Being Intentional is Key

We now offer over 40 different, and we’re actually the first and only national high-end paint company. When I was planning and building a successful company, I wanted to make sure that I was intentional about how I did that. You know, I’m leveling up in life and want to help others level up as well. That’s why although we could be growing faster, we’re very intentional about the people that we partner with. We want to make sure that they fit our values and their teams do as well. 


leaders share nick lopez heart

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