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186: Leaders with Heart Assume Positive Intent

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast: In this episode, Heather interviews Barbara Lovejoy SHRM-CP, PHR, who is the Director of Human Resources at Otelco. Barbara’s parents instilled in her a passion for leadership and caring for others at an early age. Today, as Director of Human Resources, she strives to remain true to that behavior. As a leader, Barbara believes everyone has the best of intentions – and that’s how she approaches her work. She is a strong believer that most people on most days show up and truly try their best. She leads with positive intent. This 35-minute conversation is rich with information, plus, Barbara asks Heather two juicy questions as part of a new segment called “Ask Heather Anything”. Key Takeaways:  Building deeper connections with your teams leads to greater results The best way to lead people is to truly understand who they are as a whole
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185: Leaders with Heart Show their Intent Everyday

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast: In this episode, Heather interviews Jana Cinnamon, the COO of an accounting firm. Many people assume that Jana must be an accountant or CPA herself, but her background is actually in Human Resources. Leading is her passion, and she takes pride in equipping her people with the right tools to succeed. Her lens of view as COO is one in which she considers the implications of her decisions on her people. She makes every decision with intent in mind. Above all, this 35-minute conversation is full of wisdom, advice and is a human-to-human conversation about what being a leader really is. Key Takeaways:  Leadership has less to do with your title and more to do with how you are as a person Being human and vulnerable with your people is key  Equip people with the tools they need for success Don’t beat yourself
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184: Leaders with Heart Meet People Where They Are

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast: In this episode, Heather speaks directly to her listeners about meeting people where they’re at. Of course, this can mean different things depending on different people, but it’s essential to understand what matters to each person so that communication is most effective. Simply put, the way you approach your accountant and the way you approach a videographer are different because they speak different languages. Keep in mind that some people are more visual, and numbers drive others, but you must understand your people’s language.  Lastly, if you’re looking for a place to understand different communication styles and a place for all leadership questions, the Caring Leadership Community is a great place to start. You can join here! Key Takeaways:  Leadership differs from person to person Understanding what drives your people will lead to greater productivity Meeting people where they are at is crucial in
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183: Leaders with Heart can Transform Industries

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast: In this episode, Heather interviews Dr. Karaneh Jahan, who received her baccalaureate degree in Public Health with a minor in Spanish from Portland State University. She later attended Oregon Health and Science University where she obtained her Doctor of Dental Medicine degree. Dr. Kararen Janah worked at seven different dental practices in the span of two years in the search for a non-toxic work environment. After two years of working in negative work environments, she finally decided to open up her own practice. Dr. Jahan is also a certified Holistic Health and Lifestyle coach, helping her clients achieve their healthy mind and body goals, and ultimately to lead happier lives.  Key Takeaways: You can change the way things are done.  Dentists usually have a negative connotation but Dr. Jahan wants to change that.  Learning how to delegate early will lead to success.  Creating
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182: Leaders with Heart Take Action

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast: In this episode, Heather interviews Asif Sadiq MBE, Head of Equity and Inclusion at WarnerMedia International. Before working at WarnerMedia, Asif has worked at numerous industry-leading companies such as Adidas, Reebok, and The Telegraph. He is also an author, LinkedIn Influencer, Board Member, and TEDx Speaker. His home country is Kenya, but he studied at university in London and currently lives there. He credits his first experience with leadership to his university years when he realized that he and his international classmates were deprived of a voice and decided to take action.   Key Takeaways: Being your authentic self leads to greater results.  People don’t need a perfect leader, they need a human leader. Everyone needs a voice.  Be a voice for those who don’t have one.  Vulnerability builds relationships.  No leader knows it all, and that’s okay.  Asif Sadiq’s Bio Asif is the Senior Vice
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181: Leaders with Heart Reflect on Their Journey

Journey Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast: As Heather approaches her 50th birthday and looks back at her journey, she shares her reflections with her listeners. She reflects on her decisions, especially after COVID, and how they have led her to where she is today. In her own words, she now feels more in line with her journey than ever before. She regards the Caring Leadership Ecosystem (the book, the community, and the academy) as one of her greatest accomplishments because they are creating the impact she has always envisioned. Are you part of the community yet?  If not you can join here!  Key Takeaways:  Leadership with Heart began in Heather’s childhood You can pave your own path The journey of Caring Leadership never ends Being a leader does not have to do with your title Everyone can be a Caring Leader! Heather R. Younger’s Bio Heather R. Younger is
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