151: Leaders with Heart Know When to Let Go

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast: In this episode, Heather speaks with Phil Weiser, Attorney General in Colorado. Heather met Phil during her law school days at CU Boulder, but invited him to be on her podcast after hearing a speech he gave about empathy. Caring leadership is about emotional intelligence, and with empathy at the core of that, Heather knew she had to have Phil as a podcast guest.  Phil shares his leadership journey, sage advice, enjoyable anecdotes, and even the DEI&B initiatives underway at the Colorado Department of Law.  Takeaways: To be alive is to grow.  Focus on leading with empathy and not judgement.  Leadership is about urgency, care and vision.  Some people need to be asked and encouraged to apply for promotions.  Your strengths are also your weaknesses, be alert.  True care means willing the good for another. Even if that makes more work for you. 
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150: Leaders with Heart Are Accountable and Humble

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast: In this episode, Heather interviews the two women from her DEI certification class which she referenced in her blog recently. These two women shared an interaction, which truly inspired Heather. Antrece Baggett, History, Associate Chair and HCC Foundation Board Faculty Representative and Golbou Ghassemieh, Project Manager/Recruitment Manager at Koff & Associates, both demonstrate humility, compassion and accountability in their interaction. Watch this week’s episode to experience the beauty of friendship and the true nature of caring leaders.  Key Takeaways: It’s important for caring leaders to be able to have accountability and take criticism. Have courage to confront the person that did something to harm you.  Demonstrate empathy and compassion when conversing with those who were hurt by your actions. Both parties in a confrontation need to  Assuming positive intent and accepting what someone was intending to do, take people on their word. Giving people
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149: Leadership with Heart 2020 Wrap-up!

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast: In this episode, Heather helps us reminisce on her favorite episodes for 2020 in order to plan for 2021. Key Takeaways: Leaders get to choose how they think, behave and interact with those they lead. Don’t forget the poster you have to show us as your best self. This helps those you lead show us as their best as well. Prepare your hearts for this one of a kind wrap-up! Happy Holidays!! Meaningful Conversations I cannot believe going through the third full year with the podcast. It’s pretty exciting that you are part of it. As I think about the why behind creating this, I actually wanted to start off just having conversations with leaders who are more emotionally intelligent, those who can add a lot to the conversation related to caring leadership, and who show up with a lot of heart. I
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148: Leaders with Heart Bring out Others’ Strengths

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast: In this episode, Heather interviews Esmeralda Martinez, Migrant Education Program Director for the Southwest Region of Colorado. Esmeralda demonstrates caring leadership by advocating for those that are not at the table. In her line of work, that is primarily underprivileged students and their families.  Where does Esmeralda’s drive to lead come from? Her beautiful and empowering familial history and the struggles they endured that became opportunities for success. Heather’s last podcast guest, Barbara Medina, recommended Esmeralda and was an example of bringing out the best in others. Esmeralda herself now emulates this as she uplifts and motivates her team, rallying them behind the mission of their work.  Key Takeaways: Advocate for those that are not at the table.  Value each individual as a whole. What do they bring to the table? What are their strengths and talents? Instill passion— you can do that successfully,
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147: Leaders with Heart are Part of the Team

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast: In this podcast episode, Heather interviews Karen Erren, President and CEO at Feeding Westchester. As a leader of a non-profit food distribution service, Karen is familiar with showing care to others, but that doesn’t mean she was always a perfectly caring leader.  What Karen shows in her conversation with Heather is the effort that leaders have to put in to be there for their teams, especially during these trying times. Karen exemplifies being a caring leader by taking her place among her people, not above them. She meets them where they are each day, and expresses the importance of genuine and transparent vulnerability.  Key Takeaways: Have high expectations for yourself and your team.  The best thing you can do for someone is to believe in them. Stretch yourself, innovate, and fail.  See yourself clearly, and the way others experience you.  Be a part
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146: Leaders with Heart Recognize and Unleash the Greatness in Everyone

Subscribe to the Leadership with Heart Podcast: In this Leadership with Heart episode, Heather interviews a seasoned leader, Barbara Medina. Dr. Medina was recommended to be on the show by one of the many caring leaders that she helped develop during her time in the Colorado Department of Education as Assistant Commissioner.  Caring leadership techniques were ingrained in Barbara from childhood, when she was growing up on the family farm. There, she learned the importance of collaboration, mutual benefit, service and mission. Even the littlest one makes a contribution on the farm, and this is true in organizations as well. Barbara took her natural foundation in leadership to great heights in Colorado government advocating for ESL students and helping develop many caring leaders along the way (who hopefully will be joining Heather on future episodes!).  Key Takeaways: Everybody has something to provide the organization. Leaders have to help them see
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