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Transformation: It Starts With You!


Through the COVID-19 crisis and the racial unrest, there are two main ways of thinking: Let’s hunker down and wrap our arms around the status quo, or let’s jump in and go for extreme amounts of transformation. The latter thinking can debilitate some and make them retreat into the first way to thinking very quickly.

I want to suggest a third way of thinking about our current circumstances, and do not be fooled into thinking that the issues we are facing are someone else’s issues to solve, we are all in this.

Transformation is defined as, “a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance..”

What if we chose to transform just ourselves? What if we started today to think differently about our circumstances? What if we could pinpoint the one thing, or a series of things we could individually do to make us, our workplaces, our world, a better place? Why wait for tomorrow, or next year to start that journey?

I have heard many, who are not people of color, echo words of fear, doubt, helplessness, and show signs of being stuck. If you are reading this and feel stuck, either because of the circumstances around COVID-19 or those around the racial divide, commit to getting unstuck. Do one new thing today to learn more. Do one new thing to show empathy for a fellow human. Do one new thing today to change your thinking, which will positively impact how you behave.

Transformation starts from within you. It starts from within each one of us. Sure. We can try to change systems and process and that will help. First, though, we must commit to a change in us. Today is the day! Don’t wait for the light to turn green. You are in control of how you show up and whether your transformation will touch the lives of those around you. Give it a try!


Just a downloadable infographic to help you think about culture transformation once you have conquered the idea of individual transformation and the role you play in organizational success.


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